Leading change through new ways of working, value delivery and innovation.

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We are constantly revolutionizing the way organizations work. We create tailored solutions that fit your organization’s needs and help your business achieve better results.

Rebelia, Our Middle Name

We help companies accomplish their revolution, but we are also continuously evolving. Pyxis Consulting Canada is now Rebelia, and we are here to change the rules of the game. Breaking down the barriers that prevent organizations from thriving is what we do best. We help organizations reinvent themselves and become places where results, life balance and fulfillment co-exist sustainably.

Leading Change

Leading change means changing how you lead.

We believe people are at the center of agile transformation and that their transformation is even more important, which requires comprehensive effort.

Discover new ways to improve workplace culture and embrace change as well as boost talent and capability building in digital transformations.


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Talent – People-First Culture

Companies are making bigger bets on their talent strategies; even so, many CEOs recognize a capability gap in their organizations.

What is capability building? Let’s see if we can answer this question with an analogy. Capabilities are like muscles that allow organizations to build and maintain strategies, products and results over the long term.

Digital Transformation


Prepare your organization to add value, and get ready to speed up the way your company reacts to market change.

Unlock new business values through the blending of human and digital capabilities. The secret of a true digital transformation is that it is incremental, cost-effective and sustainable over time. Discover our approach.

Digital Marketing & Growth (CX)

Whether you are a business owner or an in-house marketer at a corporation, business growth objectives are on your list of priorities.

We have an experienced team that has helped organizations to improve their ecommerce strategies by detecting friction points in the customer journey and developing best practices that allowed companies to increase their revenue by up to 10x.

Product Mindset


Balance business needs, technology and user experience to deliver the best products.

We provide the tools and support to empower you to explore, test and validate different solutions to help your product evolve and achieve the best market fit. We help you create better business outcomes by correctly determining the product to be built.

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We are proud of what we do and what we have accomplished, but we are even more proud of the companies we have partnered with.

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