Optimizing your business results is what powers us

Optimizing your business results is what powers us

Optimizing your business results is what powers us


Who We Are

+22 years of creating value and helping companies evolve in their structures and delivery practices.

What governs us: Our values and principles guide our operating procedures, our activities and our decisions. We adhere to human-centered Agile values and principles to explore and rapidly launch prototypes, perform tests and validate in continuity the best ideas and practices in the field. Our philosophy is reflected in our ambitions and our daily commitments

As part of Rebelia, our mission is to help organizations become places where results, life balance and fulfillment coexist in a sustainable way…

by being first and foremost an example of what we offer to our clients. Our team consists of passionate and extraordinary people who contribute every day to make Rebelia a great family where everyone finds the space to flourish and create. We have an international team whose experience in different industries allows us to deeply understand the challenges that organizations face.

Our Approach

What we do

Our approach makes us different from other companies. We apply a comprehensive strategy, follow a systematic development approach and ensure that leaders are on the same page and supporting change in all directions of the company.

20 years of experience has shown us that companies are able to build the right skills when they identify the capabilities that, individually or at the organizational level, bring better results. Therefore, making a diagnosis is key to this process. The positive outcomes are multiple and include closing the capabilities gap, retaining talents and reducing potential financial impacts caused by that gap.


Larger scale integration.


Understanding vision, goals, pain points through a discovery.


Building a clear and detailed roadmap to implement change.

High-performing pilot projects2024-05-26T04:10:24-04:00

Commit, then do meaningful enough pilots to create momentum and capture incremental value.

Capability building2024-05-26T04:12:25-04:00

Knowledge transfer by building internal capability for autonomy.

Each Unit Is a Unique Part of the Pyxis Family

Our History


Pyxis Technologies was created in 2000 by three friends who loved software development: François Beauregard, Alain Chaput and François Dénommée.

Rooted in dissatisfaction with their early career experiences, these first three partners were driven by a desire to do things differently.


Pyxis decides to take an Agile approach to software development and starts the Agile community of Montréal.

This choice proves to be a wise one, as the company is quickly recognized as a leader in Agile development by companies in Québec.


At this stage, Pyxis Technologies has become well known for its software development and is becoming a choice provider of Agile coaching and corporate IT training.

As a forward-thinking company, Pyxis invests new development practices through research and experimentation. Pyxis Technologies puts Agile values into practice to implement an Agile approach to software development.


Pyxis Technologies decides to export its services abroad and opens its first office in Paris, France, following numerous requests for coaching and training from a high-potential market.

The new office in Paris allows the company to expand its market coverage and address the French-speaking European markets. During this period, Pyxis Technologies adopts a new visual identity and moves away from the software development image.


Pyxis decides to conquer new markets in Europe and export the Pyxis Technologies brand by opening an office in Switzerland.

During this year, fundamental internal changes are made to create different branches within the company, including a studio for software development and a campus for Agile training, consulting and professional coaching.


Pyxis Studio changes its name to Done Technologies and gets its own identity. This change marks the end of a long period of difficult discussions and questioning the relevance of having several services under the same banner.


New changes come to Pyxis and our consulting services take a 180-degree turn.

In 2021, Pyxis creates Pyxis Consulting Services with the goal of offering a new range of services for agile organizations. From digital transformation to expansion strategy and human capital management, Pyxis Consulting Services supports organizational leaders in adopting a new business model based on agility.


Our campus and consulting divisions change their names to Doceo and Rebelia, respectively.

Doceo comes from the word “”docere,”” which means “”to teach.””

Rebelia signifies changing the rules of the game by thinking outside the box and breaking with the paradigms of consulting companies.

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